About Me

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher for Artdatabanken at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. The project involves investigating the effect of land-use history on dead-wood fungal communities and fungal traits. At the moment I am very interested in intra- vs. inter-specific variation in fungal fruit body traits and implications for future research, particularly our understanding of fungal dynamics in human-affected ecosystems.

I completed my PhD in 2016 working with Richard Kingsford, Jane Catford, Peter Berney and David Keith at the Centre for Ecosystems Sciences, UNSW, Sydney. My project explored the restoration of vegetation communities in a floodplain wetland, particularly the effect of historical land-use on restoration success and the use of environmental and managed flows as a restoration technique. My main study site was the Macquarie Marshes in north-western NSW, the first Ramsar listed wetland in the Murray-Darling Basin. In my thesis I used four different approaches to assess restoration outcomes: plant trait measurement to apply trait-based modelling, temporally nested surveys of plant community composition, greenhouse germination of soil seed-banks and remote sensing analysis to examine historical vegetation changes.

I am eager to work in the science/management nexus, applying scientific studies to improve management outcomes and the communication of applied sciences.